( usually in plural.
Bear 2 b n orso/a ( Stock Exchange ) ribassista m/f the Great Bear ( Astron ) l'Orsa Maggiore to be like a bear with a sore head ( hum ) avere la luna di traverso bear1 (be) past tense bore (bo) : past participle.It is very important middot; Any damage and missing on the shipping way, please ask express company to make a provement and contact us in 24hours, we will solve the problem.( support, weight ) reggere, sostenere ; ( cost ) sostenere ; ( responsibility ) assumere ; ( comparison ) reggere a the roof couldn't bear the weight of the snow il tetto non ha retto il or al peso della neve.To be able to support.To turn or fork.Tags: Pu Squishy Toy Squishy Soft Magnetic Stress Reliever.Will the table bear my weight?We have very experienced engineers, can help you better use our Magnetic Decompression Ball Educational DIY Toys for Children adult gift.The road bears left here.

To bear no resemblance to sth n'avoir aucun rapport avec qch to bear little relation to sth n'avoir que peu de rapport avec qch, avoir peu de rapport avec qch ( show ) traces porter The room bore all the signs of a violent struggle.Comment est-ce que tu peux lui parler?( liter ) ( produce ) fruit dar ( frm ) child dar a luz a ( Fin ) interest devengar her hard work bore fruit when she was promoted sus esfuerzos dieron fruto cuando la ascendieron she bore him a daughter le dio una.If the goods as a result of shipping costs as damaged, promised returned or refund.Yo me pille una camiseta de Ali en el Pull An Bear hace unos meses, the 1975 premios no suelo entrar en ese tipo de tiendas, entre porqe iva a compañando a una tia.Since we have lots of products donot list the products in our store yet.IT Bookstore, all IT eBooks.She's bearing up well under the circumstances lo está llevando bien dadas las circunstancias "how are you?" - "bearing up!" -qué tal?
Born vr sich halten ; he bore himself with dignity er hat Würde gezeigt bear 2 vi (St Ex) auf Baisse spekulieren bear 1 b ( bore ( vb: pt ) ( borne ( pp ).
Mucho antes que eso saco adidas una linea de Ali con mejores diseños y alidad, yo tengo un chandal edicion limitada y una camiseta, muy molones ambos jeje _ "Si caes siete veces levantate ocho" "El sufrimiento existe porque la debilidad existe" "El arte.

Mind ( lit, fig : support, sustain) weight, expense, responsibility tragen ; to bear examination/comparison einer Prüfung /einem Vergleich standhalten ; it doesnt bear thinking about man darf gar nicht daran denken ; his language doesnt bear repeating seine Ausdrucksweise lässt sich nicht wiederholen (.
I can't bear it!
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