WordPress Facebook Like Thumbnail Plugin.2.
I might like a post on Ubuntu tutorial but is that something I would want to share with everyone else.
This is going to stuff the cupon una boda original stream with lots of noise.link rel"image_src" href"g" / This will show that image on every page.No css, html, javascript coding or image editing, just a couple of clicks to get the your descuento clarin 365 easy video added to the Web!Facebook Like Thumbnail, author: Ashfame, version:.4, updated: December 7, 2016, Requires WP version:.1 or higher, tested up to:.7.12.Download (87 929 hits) (5 votes you will need to edit a line which is highlighted in the code below to change the default fallback image to your logo so that whenever, the post doesn't have any image in it, your logo will be displayed.Facebook crawls your page every 24 hours (at max so you may not see the change right away but you would see it instantaneously, if you use the Linter tool once for that page because it updates the thumbnail for that page, right away.So, I took this opportunity today to fix it for everyone.In case someone likes your Category or Tag page, then the first image of the first post in the listing will be used.If you don't edit that line, then my logo will be displayed and I might sue you for that.Like button work similar to what we had known the.

Also I will host it on WordPress repositories once I get the time to, as I will need to look into it first.If you have any question, you can ask in the comments.But now after the new change is live, like button functions the same as the Share button.Using the plugin will make it easier for you to receive updates without touching any code.You can check what thumbnail would Facebook show for a particular page by using their.Also, please like it (not share) to share it with other fellow bloggers.But in WordPress, we can do a lot more, that's because WordPress is a brilliant piece of software.