Comments: very fair, not lacking of any Mortlachness.
That should make premios de los oscar 2016 for thirty, perhaps forty, or even fifty different Mortlachs within this week, well see.
Its a little rough, but that may be an asset.
Nose: another natural one, but its got more mineral and waxy notes than the The Whisky Cask.Finish: rather short, clean, and always on sweets and jellies.Please buy all these wonderful people's music!With regards to the sparring partner, I had thought we could have an old G M, but those could be relatively light, so better have a recent beast, for some better foundations.Damp papers, flour, soot, more ink, citrons and grapefruits Comments: a totally un-modern style, really worth trying if you never did.First because patricia bullrich regalo en la ciudad de los niños many commentators used to say it was one of the best rums in the world, and second because I had thought (how naïve) that all high-end Demeraras had to be similar to those by Velier, or Bristol, or other independent bottlers.A lot of presence.Teaser: "Which One Is "Best"?By the way, the WF crew (well, thats me) should attend Limburg again this year, see you there?
SGP:461 - 78 points.
Nose: probably the most Bruichladdich of them all.

Nose: this is something different.Hated the sulphury nose, absolutely adored the meaty/mineral palate.Comments: its true that.M and Clément belong to the very same owners, but I believe theyre still made gatos regalo haedo refugio completely separately.Mouth: easy, not quite bland, but it suffers a lot after the fatter ones.Typical of a malt that needs water to wake.Theres also a little peat smoke as well as notes of coal oven.Please visit her website and buy her music.
Even more smoke after a moment, then very ripe strawberries and mirabelles.

Nose: oh, this is superb.
Keeps unfolding on various dry herbs (thyme) and even more walnuts, with an ashy smokiness thats also very Benromach.
Nose: in the style of the.M, just a tad more maritime, with whiffs of iodine.